Winning Product Finder

No guesswork, no curated products, a unique proprietary data-driven approach to help you find your next big winning product. For advanced and beginners.

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Winning Product Finder

A unique proprietary data-driven approach to help you find your next big winning product.

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Everything you need to find winning products

The success of dropshipping depends a lot on the products you choose, New Product Spy is built to help dropshippers like you find the winning product for their stores. 

Real-time Winning Products

Real-time Updates On Best Selling Products in hundreds of categories and niches.

Over 400 Product Categories

Find trending products with over 400 product categories to choose from.

Biggest Products Database

Data on 106,000,000 products with 700,000 trending products tracked/updates regularly.

Powerful Filtering Options

Search by keywords or use our powerful filters to find trending products in any niche.

Facebook Interest Targeting

Find untapped Facebook targeting for your products, and save money on Facebook Ads.

Find Trending Niches

Find trending niches with 3 months, 1 year and 5 years trends statistics


Dropshipping Keyword Research

Find valuable dropshipping keywords, related products & questions for any niche.

AliExpress & Shopify Spy

Find trending AliExpress products and Spy on top Shopify Stores.

how to find winning products With New Product Spy?

New Product Spy is different than many other dropshipping tools. We do not pick several products a day that are used by many dropshippers. We use data analysis to show you the products that are really selling and know got new orders in the last days. You can see and analyze the trends, find the supplier and see similar products. Find real winners and jump on trending products before the competition does.


Set Your Requirements

Step One: Set your product categories, choose the price range and the maximum amount of orders to find products that are not saturated and have a healthy margin.


Search The Database

Step Two: The results contain the products that match your criteria. Now you can sort them to show the products first with the most new orders in the last 5 days.


Pick Your Products

Step Three: Check the products that fit your store. There are links to the supplier, similar products page, and detailed historical order, reviews and price info.

Top Dropshipping Winning Product Finding Tools

Here is our collection of the best dropshipping winning product finder tools

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