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The success of dropshipping depends heavily on the products you choose. Find new winning products with our Data-Proven winning product filters and keep ahead of the competition.

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New Product Spy is a product analysis search engine for professional dropshippers or E-commerce entrepreneurs. It gives you all the necessary information to select Selling products with a good track record for dropshipping or E-commerce activities. Jump on trending products before the competition does..

  • Real-time winning products
  • Searches databases of leading marketplaces like Aliexpress
  • Over 500.000 trending product updates daily
  • Contains powerful filters for your niche. Over 400 product categories to choose from.
  • Best products with good reviews only
  • Auto update showing winning products in the last 5 days
  • Find untapped FB targeting for your product, and save money with our FB interest targeting vieuwer

Find new products that will sell..

Get the statistics that you need..

Hundreds of categories..

Filter on price, orders increase, and much more..

How It Works

Find your winner before the competition does

Set your requirements

Set your product categories, choose the price range and the maximum amount of orders. So you can find products that are not saturated and have a healthy margin.

Step 1

Search the Database

The results contain the products that match your criteria. Now you can sort them to show the products first with the most new orders in the last 5 days.

Step 2

Pick your products

Check the products that fit your store. There are links to the supplier a page to similar products and detailed historical order, review and price information.

Step 3

New Product Spy is different than many other dropshipping tools. We do not pick several products a day that are used by many dropshippers. We use data analysis to show you the products that are really selling and know got new orders in the last days. You can see and analyze the trends, find the supplier and see similar products. Find real winners and jump on trending products before the competition does.

  • Test products that are already working
  • Other software show you a lot of examples, NewProductSpy is for making money
  • No limitations, you can find as many products as you want
  • For beginners and for advanced dropshippers

A product case

This case shows an eyeshadow product that got more than 25.000 orders since it was found as a trending and promising product in Newproductspy.

The product was first seen in the search results around November the 8th. At that time you could clearly see that the number of orders was starting to grow. For this, the filter setting “increase orders %” was used. This way you order the products not on the absolute increase in orders but on the increase in percentage. That way you will see more products with a lower amount of orders, but a big increase show first.

The next few days the orders continued to grow and we decided to post the product on the “Find trending and winning products” FB group as an example. You can see underneath the statistics posted in the FB group.

Status from November the 11th, as can be found in the FB group

Just over 1 month later we are checking the product again. Now the product got more than 25.000 new orders.

Status from December the 17th, also posted in the FB group

With the “Other websites that use this product” it is easy to find stores that sell the product. I found one that sells that product for $19. It is not expected that all products are sold for this price, but it would mean that if you would have used the product since it was first found on New Product Spy a margin of around $250.000 to $400.000 could have been made.

This with the remark that finding such a product is an important step, but also the marketing (ads) are extremely important to go to that kind of numbers.

The last image shows the detailed FB targeting information you can get with New Product Spy. You can choose from many different languages so you can also target Spanish, French, German and many other different markets.

The orders graph shows if the product is trending

Use the price graph to see if you can negotiate the price with the seller

Who else are selling the product, and see their FB ads

Find a trending niche

From Our Clients

“I think it's great. I should have had this when I started dropshipping. That would have saved me countless amount of hours product research.”

Zac O.

“This is an amazing tool that has given me several winners. I find products I never would have found otherwise.”

Garrision G.

“The graphs are an amazing addition to this tool. Not many tools have this. And there are so many categories and filters that I could find really good products for my niche store”

Jane K.

“The software works great. I use it to find new products that I can test everyday. It has brought me a lot of value”

James S.