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Dropshipping Niche Finder

Find your perfect Niche for your dropshipping or e-commerce store using our products niche spy tool with data on over 5000 niches.

Ready To Find Your Niche?

Our Dropshipping Niche Finder tool help you discover the product niches or micro niches that are most trendy and profitable at any time. 

Macro and Micro Niches

Our trending niche finder tool helps you find trending niches for over 5000 macro and micro niches and counting. We continuously add new niches.

Long and Short Term Niche Data

Our trending niches finder helps you discover not only products that have raised in popularity in long term but also those that are gaining popularity in recent 90 days best for finding great seasonal niches. 

Search Volume and Google Trends

We provide you with both search volume and Google trends for all the micro and macro dropshipping niches that we track.

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Niche Spy Main Features

Find Trendy-Profitable Niches

When it comes to find a niche, you want to choose one which is getting popular but is not over-utilized that’s why we not only give you trendy ones but profitable niches. 

Over 5000 Niches

We monitor, analyze and provide data on over 5000 niches including micro and macro ones. We continuously update our list adding new niches keeping it up to date.

Real Time Update

Our data-driven product niche finder let you discover niches that have recently become trending or have been trending over the past one or five years.

new Product Spy Other Benefits

Shopify Spy Tool

Spy on top Shopify stores find which other stores are selling a product and at what retail price.

Untapped Facebook Targeting

 Use our Facebook Targeting discovery tool to find many untapped Facebook audience targeting for your dropshipping advertising needs.

Curate Your Own Selected Product List

Add products to your selected list and curate a list of products to add to your e-commerce online store.

Biggest Dropshipping Product Database

We have the biggest database of winning products, actually some of popular dropshipping tools run using our database API.


AliExpress Product Finder

Find the most profitable dropshipping products on AliExpress with our data-driven algorithm, real time updates and powerful filters.

Product Keyword Research Tool

Our dropshipping products keyword research tool lets you find high value, long-tail keywords to optimize your dropshipping store. 

Dropshipping Niche Finder Tool

Our niche spy tool, is a dropshipping niche discovery tool that lets you find profitable niches for your e-commerce store.

400 Products Categories

Our winning product database consist of over 400 products categories and dropshipping niches.

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