This case shows an eyeshadow product that got more than 25.000 orders since it was found as a trending and promising product in New Product Spy.

The product was first seen in the search results around the November the 8th. At that time you could clearly see that the number of orders stated to grow. For this, the filter setting “increase orders %” was used. This way you order the products not on the absolute increase in orders but on the increase in percentage. That way you will see more products with a lower amount of orders, but a big increase show first.

The next few days the orders continued to increase and we decided to post the product on the “Find trending and winning products” Facebook group as an example. You can see underneath the statistics posted in the Facebook group.roup.

Status from November the 11th, as can be found in the Facebook group

Just over 1 month later we are checking the product again. Now the product got more than 25.000 new orders.

Status from December the 17th, also posted in the Facebook group

With the “Other websites that use this product” it is easy to find stores that sell the product. I found one that sells that product for $19. It is not expected that all products are sold for this price, but it would mean that since found on New Product Spy a margin of around $250.000 to $400.000 could have been made.

This with the remark that finding such a product is an important step, but also the marketing (ads) are extremely important to go to that kind of numbers.

The last image shows the 120 most recent purchases, and you can see that even at the time of writing this (dec 19th) the product was still selling well.