If you are looking to start a business, dropshipping is your best bet to make use of the digital advancements in today’s day and age. E-commerce sells and it sells BIG! Research shows 40% of internet users worldwide have purchased products online and this statistic is projected to grow in the coming years.

Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is by far the most lucrative method of e-commerce. As a dropshipper, you will take online orders without stocking up on products and the supplier will ensure delivery to the end customer. The benefits of drop shipping:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Low startup cost
  • No inventory costs
  • Low overhead costs
  • Flexible location
  • No delivery hassle/liability
  • Scalability
  • Wide range of products to sell
  • Virtually unlimited inventory

However, it is imperative to note that not all products mint the same kind of money. Some make six figures while some plummet to zero.

Top dropshipping products

Revenue Generated By Products in E-Commerce, Jan 2020

Okay so, you have decided on building an online store. You have a functional website or perhaps you are already dropshipping but producing lack luster results. Now we come to the million-dollar question: How do you find the best dropshipping products?

Finding the Right Products for Dropshipping

The selection of products will ultimately determine your success in the business. This guide will answer the most frequently asked dropshipping question: How to find winning products? Stay tuned as we talk you through EVERYTHING you need to know about finding the right product/s to market and earn a competitive edge over other dropshippers.

1.   Study your Competitors’ Bestselling Products

A common complaint against dropshipping is that everyone is selling the same product. We, however, believe, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Go to your (successful) competitor’s website, and look for their popular dropshipping products on the bestseller’s page. If the competitor does not have a bestsellers page, no worries! Study the patterns to discern their best dropshipping products. Remember, a dropshipper will not advertise a product that is not faring well! Take the hint.

Online stores 2020

Sort By Customer Rating

The red arrow shows how different websites allow you to uncover the most popular products among customers. In this case, the website allows you to ‘sort by customer rating’.

2.   Amazon Bestsellers

What better platform is there than Amazon since you can virtually find ANYTHING there! These lists are even updated every hour so you can choose the product that is literally the need of the hour! Let’s suppose you want to start a dropshipping store for women’s apparel. The image below shows that ‘Signature’ by Levi Strauss is a popular choice according to sales (Numbers don’t lie!)

Women jeans

Amazon Best Sellers in Women Jeans

When you open the product, you can see it is the number 1 best seller in ‘women’s jeans’ so you would want to add that to your collection.

Jeans for women

1# Best Seller In Women Jeans

When you scroll down to the product description, you can see it’s #6 in ‘clothing, shoes, and jewelry’ and #1 in ‘women’s shops’ and ‘women’s jeans’.

How to find winning product to sell

Amazon ranking of jeans

To ensure you are choosing popular dropshipping products, do a quick search to see if this item is available on other online retail stores as well. Now, you should not use the brand name when searching for the product but the right keywords, which would, in this case, be ‘skinny jeans’ or ‘pull-on skinny jeans’. If you find the same product on that site too, as one of their bestsellers, chances are, it could be the same for you. Just make sure you use the most popular keywords to describe the product to gain an advantage over competition. There, you have the top products to dropship! Yes, its really that simple. You can conduct this search for any other category which you are taregting.

3.   Leverage Facebook

Facebook has a number of ways you can find the top dropshipping products. Lets go over all of them to excavate maximum profitabiltiy from all your dropshipping products.

Facebook Search Bar

You can search on Facebook to find out what products people are selling and how. The image below shows the results produced by searching ‘free shipping’.

Facebook Search

Search resuts of ‘free shipping’ on Facebook

You can even customize your search, i.e., change the location and date posted for more targeted results. This is a great tool for social media product research.

Facebook Product Search

Once you know which products you want to dropship, you can carry out a more specific search. Let’s say, you want to sell pet food. Type ‘Pet food’ in the Facebook search bar.

Facebook Product Searches

Search results of pet accessories on Facebook

The range of results you will get will lend you insight into how you can manage Facebook Ads to createwinning dropshipping products. See, the way you market a product is HALF its appeal. You might have a winning product but you probably don’t know how to sell it. You are likely to find a range of, at best, mediocre Facebook ads that have a huge number of comments and likes while that same product will be displayed on your dropshipping site with a meager number of conversions (sales). A few things to take into consideration with Faceboook Ads are:

  • Target the right demographic
  • Conversion rate
  • Leads to the website
  • You need to convince customers to buy right away (with terms like ‘free shipping’, ‘50% off’)

Find these mediocre ads with high engagement (huge scores of comments and shares) and take inspiration from them, changing the template to suit your style.

Revenue generation by Facebook Ads

Revenue Generated by Facebook Ads worldwide 2009-2019

Facebook Ads generated a whopping revenue of almost $70 million! People really wouldn’t be spending on Facebook Ads if it didn’t help, right? Finding untapped Facebook targeting will also prove highly profitable to uncover product niches.

4.   Use Product Spy Tools

New ProductSpy lends you an exclusive insight into the best dropshipping products to sell. AliExpress, with its widespread reach, is a gold mine to delve into profitable dropshipping products. Using its product spy tool, New ProductSpy allows you to search databases of popular online marketplaces like AliExpress and Shopify. With this winning product finder, you can find out which items are best selling and which are not. Moreover, these searches can even inform you of how recently the purchases were made-whether in the past 30 days or the past 7 days. This is how you would make an informed decision:

Product Rating

If a product has over 100 reviews, a rating above 4 usually means the product is worth selling. Otherwise, anything above 4.5-4.7 and above is great.


Check the orders in the past month. If the orders have declined within the last month as compared to the last, let’s say, six months, you know the trend is perhaps dying. However, if the orders of last month are still satisfactory, you might still want to capitalize on the product till it lasts.

Page Visits

Next, you divide the orders on a product by the total page views. If this amounts to a percentage higher than 50, you have a winning product on your hand. NewProduct Spy is a dropshipping spy tool to give you indispensable information that your competitors will likely not have access to. This naturally gives you a competitive edge over other dropshippers right away!

5.   Google Trends

Google trends is a simple and completely free tool to give you a basic idea of the popularity of an item.

Google Trends

Search results of iPhone X on Google trends

On searching ‘iPhone X’, you can see that the search trends, and naturally interest, has deteriorated over time. You can customize this search according to the location and the time duration to get a better idea.


Keywords to search

Google trends showing comparison of iPhone X and Samsung 10

You can even compare two products to see which one is faring well with the audience.

Google Shopping

Trending Products

Google trends showing Google shopping trends of Valentines basket

The Google shopping trends show the buyer trends for a particular time. As you can see, the Valentine’s Day basket was a popular selling item only for the month of February, rapidly shooting down afterwards.

Ending note

Dropshipping starts with online research and ends with an online purchase. Finding the best dropshipping products to sell boils down to research. With this guide, we believe you are equipped to bag valuable information to create a seven-figure dropshipping store in no time!