NewProductSpy is created by two entrepreneurs that see dropshipping as a serious business model. We started as many other entrepreneurs, with trying lot’s of different methods. But we found that finding product winners is not easy.

There are many dropshipping tools more targeted at beginners that pick several products a day. But if the products are usable you still have to see if they really sell. And if they do they are used by many competitors. To be successful we knew we need real data. Data that we can analyze so we know what products really sell. We wanted to find products that are in the early sales lifecycle, products that are just getting to become popular. And not products that are already saturated.

Collecting and analyze data. How hard can this be?

Well, it was hard. We started more than 9 months ago and thought we would have some results after a few weeks. But getting the data was much more difficult than we thought. And when finally had the data, the amount was so large that we needed special algorithms to store it in the database in an acceptable amount of time. And when we had the data in the database querying and enriching the data was so slow that we needed to use other database technologies. But after a lot of sweat we finally had it working well.

During the time we were working on the data analysis tool the we used a different method to find new product ideas for our stores. We look at more mature Shopify stores and see what new products they test. But the daily work of checking these stores takes a lot of time. So we created a small tool where you can enter some links to Shopify stores you like. Regularly update the product list and filter the list of ideas. This saved us a lot of time.


After finishing both tools we decided to not only use them ourselves, and make them available in the NewProductSpy website. This gives us the opportunity to further extend the functionality with more data analysis and other related tools.

If you have any questions or remarks please let us know using the contact form.